About Jim Moreno

Community Colleges provide an invaluable role to our community. I am a product of the Community College system. I live in Huntington Beach and my four daughters attended Golden West and Orange Coast Colleges. Like me, they, too, earned advanced degrees.

I have served as your Trustee for the past twelve years and during that time I have seen our colleges grow and graduate or transfer 65,000 students to university or on to good paying jobs. 

During this time I have dedicated myself to getting the best and highest use of your tax dollar. You too have contributed to the success of the Coast College District by passing millions of dollars of Bonds for the improvement of the campuses and the equipment used for the education of our District’s students.

At the State level I am proud to represent the Coast College District on the California Community College Trustees’ Executive Board and make policy and legislative recommendations for the benefit of the 2.1 million state wide students we serve. And I thank my fellow Trustees for placing their trust in me. 

I am a native California baby boomer raised in Southern California and a graduate from Long Beach State. After college I began work as a probation officer and lived in Trustee Area 1 in Northwest Orange County. During my career of thirty-five years with the County of Los Angeles, I was an assistant administrator of two county general hospitals and multiple clinics. I also taught Spanish in a classroom setting to Medical professionals. I was a budget analyst for the Department of Health, and during the 80's and 90's I was a Senior Deputy for County Supervisor Ed Edelman. My duties as the Supervisor's Deputy were to assist in policy development, handle homeless and health issues and manage a $16 billion budget.

I look forward to continue working as your Trustee of the Coast Community College Area One.  I understand the needs of students who have to compete in a world market. Please consider me as your candidate for Trustee.

Jim Moreno, MPA