I am proud of the accomplishments during my term as a Coast College Trustee.  I hope to accomplish more for the students and taxpayers of this wonderful District. Here is a brief list of my hard work and accomplishments:

  • Supported the change to move from at-large voting to by-trustee area voting for the election of trustees. 
  • Led the Board of Trustees to ensure a strong fiscal position of the District during severe budget cuts while ensuring students completed classes to transfer or graduate from our three Colleges.
  • Provided leadership as an advocate for making textbooks more affordable and expansion of the utilization of Open Educational Resources district-wide.
  • Led the District Board in passing a resolution in an effort to draw attention to the need for a local Veterans cemetery.
  • Advocated for and supported increased hiring of full-time faculty at all colleges in the District to ensure high quality education for the students.
  • Encouraged the passage of Measure M which secured $698 million to develop and implement teaching environments that are safe, sustainable, comfortable, technologically current, accessible, and esthetically conducive to learning. I constantly monitor the expenditure of money from this tax supported measure.  I thank the District voters for their trust and for the passage of this forward-looking initiative.
  • Led the District search committees to recruit key executive staff, including our Chancellor.
  • As a State-wide Community College Executive Board Officer I led the Career Technical Education (CTE) Taskforce analyzing the differential costs of CTE programs and making recommendations to the State Chancellor’s Office which were made into law and signed by the Governor.  This action has added $200 Million in CTE funding in the State Community College System’s budget on an ongoing basis. 
  • Elected by my peers to provide leadership at the state level serving as First Vice President to the statewide policymaking board, the California Community Colleges Trustees.  
  • Made known my support of the Dreamers and their families in the Coast College District who work, pay taxes and study at our three campuses in the District.  
  • Supported the State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement (SARA) to ensure greater access to high quality distance education offered by our colleges for Military personnel seeking college credits.  And insisted on the creation of Veterans Resource Centers (VRC) on each of our College campuses.
  • Spearheaded State Grants for Solar panel technology training and with full Board support established the Career Training and Education Taskforce to coordinate all three campuses in seeking grants and partnerships with local industry.  
  • Worked closely with college campus neighbors, faculty and staff to maintain good land use policies and project development, and was key in the location selection of Costco at Bella Terra.
  • And finally, I am so proud to state that on my watch 75,000 students have succeeded by graduating, transferring to four year universities, or receiving their Career Technical Education certification through their hard work and studies at our three campuses. I am so grateful we have the facilities, faculty,  staff, and family support to make such great changes in the lives of our students

Fiscal Concerns in Career Technical Education